Whether you are planning a long stay thalasso or just a few nights, the swimsuit you put on is important for your comfort.

Go on a Thalasso cure for your well-being while being elegant and refined

The benefits

Thalassotherapy is attracting more and more supporters. It uses the characteristics of the marine environment to revive our body. Sea water, mud and seaweed, as well as the climate, make the therapy a success.

Combine the useful with the pleasant

Going away for a weekend, or a few days more, in a sunny city, close to sandy beaches, is happiness. These trips allow your body to relax and get rid of bad energy. When you combine your trip with weekend or long stay thalasso sessions, the benefits are doubled. The skin recovers mineral salts, calcium and magnesium from the environment. The mind relaxes in the hammam, spas and jacuzzis.

Specific treatments

After a long, hard week, what could be better than spending a pleasant weekend in a marine spa? The “special back” treatment eliminates the aches and pains accumulated during working hours. You will calmly carry out the exercises in the sea water at a relaxing temperature. If you have heavy legs, take care of them by opting for the light legs cure. Pressotherapy and cryotherapy professionals are at your disposal in the Thalasso centers. For a well-shaped figure, you can follow the slimming nutrition programs.

Our advice for a long stay thalasso

A one-week stay in a thalassotherapy center allows the body to regain energy. First of all, the body relaxes and frees itself from daily stress. Then, the therapeutic benefits of the program are multiplied tenfold.

Packing your suitcase

With a long-stay program, there is no risk of running out of activities. The center already gives notice of the week’s schedule. If bathrobes and towels are provided, you must bring sandals and a hat. Don’t forget your jogging suit for sports. Planning a horseback ride or bike ride? Choose one or two suitable outfits. Excursions and evenings with friends can be part of your stay. It is then interesting to bring light dresses and a pair of sandals.

Choosing a swimsuit

Comfort is essential when choosing your outfits for a long stay thalasso. The bathing suit will be worn often. It should not be in the way. Choose a one-piece model that is easy to put on. You will spend hours doing aquagym exercises. The swimsuit that supports the chest is suitable for these physical activity sessions.

Our advice for a weekend thalasso for lovers

A weekend with your other half has to be prepared, especially when it comes to going to a Thalasso. Before packing your suitcase, a list of activities to be done together allows you to plan what to wear.

Suits according to the activities

Are you planning to relax in a hot tub? A chic swimsuit, which can be two pieces, will enhance your figure. During the more athletic activities of a weekend thalasso, the suit’s ability to support you is very important. Choose a model that keeps your breasts in place and ensures maximum comfort.

The right swimsuit for every body type

Some women feel uncomfortable putting on a swimsuit and showing off their body. Don’t panic, because every body has a swimsuit model that suits it. With generous hips and rounded shoulders, opt for one-piece swimsuits. The marked bellies do not combine with patterns in stripes, which on the other hand emphasize the wasp waist.

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