Which jewels to offer for a civil union ?

For a wedding, the official jewelry is the wedding rings. Moreover, the wedding rings and the engagement ring are the eternal symbol of this union. For a civil union, many couples wonder if they should give a ring or not. Or should they offer another type of jewelry? If you are organizing a pacs and you want to know the best jewelry for this event, our advice will help you make a well-considered choice.

The ring: an alternative jewel for a pacs

A ring remains an interesting alternative during a Civil Solidarity Pact or Pacs. If you are romantic, wedding rings are the best choice. For this, you can choose :

  • A wedding band type ring
  • A special pacs ring

Moreover, many jewelry stores offer various ranges of rings designed especially for this occasion. The metal of predilection for the rings of pacs is :

  • gold: white, yellow or pink
  • silver
  • stainless steel

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is up to you to choose what suits you best.

  • White gold, yellow gold and pink gold are the traditional materials for marriage
  • Silver is used for civil partnerships
  • Stainless steel is a more cost effective solution

Jewelry for a pacs is also a kind of gift for couples, but also a promise for their future. Indeed, many pacs couples often plan to celebrate their love with the sacred bond of marriage one day.

Jewelry stores also offer many models of rings for deacons:

  • beveled rings
  • grooved rings
  • twisted rings
  • braided rings
  • simple ring
  • solitaire ring

It is also possible to choose a ring for pacs:

  • with precious stones
  • without precious stones

For some time, new trends of ring also invade the jewelry stores:

  • ring in alloy of 3 types of gold intertwined
  • pink gold wedding ring of a new kind

Jewelry to offer for a civil union

If you are looking for an engagement ring for a civil union, you must choose a precious jewel, symbolic and that seals your union.

This personalized jewel has the aspect of a geographical map tied with gold or silver. On the jewel is placed a diamond pointer in the place of your choice. A personalized jewel can be :

  • a pendant
  • a bracelet

The place can remind :

  • the place where the couple met
  • a place where the lovers lived together
  • another place that has a meaning for the future couple

In addition, the pointer is positioned very accurately thanks to Google Maps. And moreover, the GPS coordinates of the place are marked on a metal plate that is fixed to the object.

You should also know that :

  • each jewel is custom made for its owner
  • the jewel is unique, no two jewels are identical
  • each pendant or bracelet reflects a story, an important place for the couple

Jewelry to offer for a pacs: other types of jewelry to choose

If you think that the ring and the personalized jewelry are too solemn, there are other possibilities for the pacs. You can bet on other type of jewelry like :

  • shared pendant
  • steel bracelet for man

Offering a shared pendant is currently a very popular idea for the pacs. The only limit is your imagination, because you can choose the object that you like the most. You can choose :

  • a heart: half for him and half for her
  • a bird

The possibilities are numerous, but it is advised to choose a romantic pendant

A bracelet is also a very good choice for lovers. You can choose a bracelet :

  • gold for the woman
  • in steel for the man

These are particularly trendy choices at the moment. To be even more romantic and for the gesture, it is possible to personalize the bracelet. This last one can be personalized with :

  • The date of the pacs
  • the first names of the couple
  • a small message.

However, if you are not a fan of the wedding ring, the bracelet or the pendant, you can always choose a chain.

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