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How to Create a Vintage Jewelry Collection

Buttons, Baubles and Beads: Crafting Your Vintage Jewelry Collection In the age of minimalism, vintage jewelry has never been more in demand. From accessories inspired by 1950s glamour to modern day contemporary twists, now is the perfect time to begin curating your very own vintage-style jewelry wardrobe. Whether you’re buying for your own collection or …


The Role of Jewelry in Men’s Fashion

Making a Statement With Men’s Jewelry There was a time not so long ago when men were said to steer clear of any type of accessory; jewelry or otherwise. But the world has changed and nowadays, men are wearing more jewelry items than ever before. In many ways, jewelry has become a creative outlet of …


The Role of Vintage Jewelry in Weddings

The Timeless Elegance of Vintage Jewelry at Weddings With today’s modern technology, classic vintage jewelry is experiencing a major resurgence. Couples are now considering vintage jewelry as an option for their wedding day, as the timeless beauty and elegance of vintage jewelry can add a classic yet sophisticated look to their special day. Vintage jewelry …