How to wear a signet ring ?

For many centuries, men and women have worn signet rings, sometimes with different associated symbolism. Some are used by men as wedding rings, but one can also have a signet ring engraved to display the symbols of one’s own family. In all cases, one does not necessarily wear this jewel in the same way: some explanations are necessary.

Wearing a signet ring when you are a man

It is often accepted that the signet ring is more often a ring for men – although women can also wear them, and have used them in previous centuries. Generally speaking, a man wears his signet ring on his right ring finger if he is the youngest or youngest of his siblings. Only the eldest has the privilege of putting it on the left ring finger, next to the wedding ring. Many traditional families try to perpetuate the customs and respect these rules. If you wish to wear your signet ring in the old fashioned way as a man, don’t forget these useful guidelines.

What about wearing a signet ring for women?

Women rarely wear signet rings, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, quite the contrary. Often, they insert this ring on the right little finger. But again, there is no obligation in this area, because when you think about it, you realize that practices have changed from one era to another, and they are not identical in all countries. In England, for example, women are more likely to choose the left little finger to wear their signet ring… It is also a choice made by some men, including Prince Charles.

The orientation of the signet ring, another important issue

It is not enough to know on which finger to slip a signet ring. There are also methods to learn how to better orientate the signet ring. Specifically, there are two ways to place the signet ring, each with a particular meaning:

  • In hand kissing, the design is oriented towards the nail. It is a subtle way to display his celibacy in broad daylight.
  • In brawl, the pattern is turned towards the person who wears it. Here, it’s a way to make it clear that you are already in a relationship!

In order to have a signet ring engraved with your family crest, send all the visuals you have to the professional, in order to give him a maximum of information (images, prints, good quality photo or even another signet ring already engraved).

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