How to Incorporate Vintage Jewelry into Modern Outfits

Styles Merge: How to Incorporate Vintage Jewelry into Modern Outfits

Fashion trends come and go; however, vintage jewelry has the potential to add timeless elegance to any modern wardrobe. When used thoughtfully, contemporary apparel can be upgraded instantly with vintage jewelry pieces. Here are a few key strategies to help you navigate the timeless space of vintage jewelry.

Research & Curating

The key to successfully styling an outfit with vintage jewelry is through research and curation. Vintage jewelry styles can vary greatly, and there are accordingly many shapes and sizes to work with. Before jumping into purchasing, it is important to find the right pieces that will suitably blend in with the outfit.

Seller & Pricing

Once the ideal vintage jewelry pieces are identified, it’s important to consider the souce. While it’s possible to purchase from vintage stores, flea markets, and even online stores, be sure to verify the seller’s reviews or check out the seller’s background to ensure you’re getting an authentic item. Proper authentication is also crucial when factoring in the right pricing range.

Selecting the Perfect Piece

Once you know who you’re buying from, it’s time to pick the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe. We suggest dividing pieces of jewelry into type and time period when selecting. For example, there are vintage watches from the 1920s, wooden necklaces from the late 50’s, and gold locket from the 70’s. Since each era has its own distinct styles, be sure to pick pieces that will seamlessly blend into the modern wardrobe.

Pairing Styles

The last step to creating a magical blend of vintage jewelry with modern fashion is to mix and match. Each outfit has different proportions and texture combinations, so it is important to mix styles and colors that balance each other out. Consider the color palette, texture, and metals when deciding on how to pair the vintage jewelry with the desired outfit.

The Magic of Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewelry can be absolutely gorgeous when properly used. Taken further, it can even become a canvas for self-expression. Vintage jewelry can also become a collector’s item or even become an asset with significant market value over time. With a little extra effort to research, study, and purchase go a long way, vintage jewelry can be used to truly elevate any wardrobe.

Overall, vintage jewelry is a timeless trend that is well worth the effort to add unique personality to any wardrobe. With thoughtful curation, research and pacing, aspiring fashionistas everywhere will have an enriched experience when working with vintage pieces. As a reminder, be sure to consider pricing, seller, color palette, texture and metal combinations for the perfect pairing.

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