How to become a plus size model?

This is THE question I get asked most often… How do I become a plus size model? Well, I prefer to be honest with you, becoming a plus size model is a job that requires more than a beautiful body. To do this job, you must meet certain criteria… Sometimes very far from the real world but also have an extraordinary personality because there are many women who want to break through. The curvy women who become models have beautiful shapes, a beautiful face and a beautiful complexion, but they are also very tall. You must also have other characteristics.

Modeling for curvy women is not easy!

The first agencies that recruited plus-size models appeared in the 1970s. In 1980, Lane Bryant called on the services of plus-size female models. Before this date, these fashion professionals were canvassing magazines, salespeople and designers for work. Currently, they carry out books with specialized photographers who work in the field of the mode. They participate in modeling contests, canvass agencies and some are bloggers or influencers known in the fashion world. The assignments you have to fulfill are fittings in ready-to-wear, designers and haute couture. You can do this job at almost any age, as long as you meet certain physical criteria. Let’s not lie to ourselves. Not everyone can become a model.

What are the criteria to be fulfilled to become a plus size model?

Specialized in the promotion of ready-to-wear clothes or haute couture, plus size models are professionals in the fashion industry, who must meet many criteria. They present clothes with sizes ranging from 42 to 52. In Europe, large sizes often go from 4o to 48. I find that this is very far from the real size of curvy women in France. I am a 52. So, I find that the plus size models don’t really represent the French “grande taille”, but on the other hand, I’m happy… Until a few years ago, it was impossible to see a model above a size 38 on a catwalk. So, it’s already an advance! However, curvy women are better represented because the models can make a size 52.

In addition, plus-size models must be at least 1.75m tall. For men, the minimum height is 1m82. To become a model when you are curvy, you must have beautiful skin, nice shapes and be well proportioned. You must have breasts and buttocks but above all no belly! You must be smiling and photogenic.

It’s selective… But the profession is changing little by little!

You must be between 22 and 35 years old. Some agencies even recruit their models from the age of 4o years. However, your body must be firm and without wrinkles. That’s why sportswomen and athletes are welcome. In addition, they must have a beautiful face that catches the light, exceptional shapes and a flat stomach: the figure 8 is sought.

Afterwards, the bodypositism movement and the return “to naturalness” changed the agencies’ expectations. Brands want models closer to the “real” to embody their products. A godsend for us, the curvy women. We can see more and more round models in fashion shows and women’s magazines. I remain optimistic! =)

Having a curvy and gorgeous body is great, however, you must accept yourself as you are. Showcase your body. A beautiful face doesn’t catch the light if it doesn’t have a smile and if you don’t have a bubbly, friendly personality. The smile, yes… Unlike “thin” models… Above all, you must avoid diets that leave you looking gray and play yo-yo with your weight. Stretch marks are more and more accepted but the photographs are most often retouched.

Apart from being a coat rack that fades behind the clothing, the plus size model carries a strong message. You have to tell curvy women that they can be beautiful with beautiful clothes that highlight their shapes.

How to find a job when you are a plus size model ?

When you meet all the above criteria, you must go through all the steps that allow you to become a plus size model. You can browse the modeling agencies with your portfolio. It must contain your measurements and your size, in addition to photographs. Find all the useful addresses on the Internet or use social networks. You must believe in yourself and not get discouraged when your applications are rejected or when you are not selected after castings or interviews. There are many kinds of modeling and you will eventually find what suits you.


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