Choosing the Perfect Wedding Jewelry for Your Bridal Look

Tips on Choosing the Ideal Bridal Jewelry to Accentuate Your Unique Wedding Look

Every bride dreams of looking and feeling like a million bucks on her most special day and selecting the right bridal jewelry to perfectly complete her look is an important and often daunting task. Fortunately, there are a few basic tips and guidelines that every bride-to-be should keep in mind when selecting the perfect wedding jewelry for her big day.

How to Choose the Best Bridal Jewelry for Your Unique Look

Whether you are crafting a vintage, modern or unique style for your wedding day look, the following tips will help you select the ideal bridal jewelry to complete your special ensemble:

Choose jewelry that accentuates your gown: As you are searching for the perfect bridal jewelry for your big day, always keep in mind how the jewelry will look with your gown. If your dress is a strapless style, choosing a bold, statement necklace can help draw attention to your neckline and face, while sparkling dangling earrings will draw attention to the top part of your gown. If you’re wearing a high neckline, don’t select overly long earrings or statement necklaces, as they will detract attention from your beautiful dress.

Select an appropriate metal color: Before making any jewelry selection, it’s important to determine what color metal best complements your dress and wedding color palette. If you’re wearing a white gown, silver or white gold pieces will look best. If you are wearing a gold gown, try to match your jewelry pieces with gold or even rose gold.

Balance your jewelry choices: Remember to not over do your bridal look with too much jewelry. It’s best to choose a combination of just two or three pieces. For example, you could select a stunning necklace and matching earrings, or the complementary look of a bracelet, necklace and earrings.

Be mindful of the size: When selecting bridal jewelry, it’s important to be mindful that you do not select overbearing pieces that overwhelm your look. Additionally, make sure you select pieces that accurately reflect the size of your dress and figure. Jewelry that is too small may get lost in your dress, while pieces that are too large are often overwhelming and take away from the look of the overall ensemble.

Pick pieces that coordinate: When selecting the pieces for your bridal jewelry set, be sure to pick pieces that coordinate with one another in terms of design and style. If you’re wearing a single strand pearl necklace, be sure to pair this with pearl earrings or a pearl bracelet.

Wear something timeless: The idea is to pick pieces that have timeless appeal, that you can wear well beyond your wedding day. Jewels that replicate the look and feel of time-honored pieces, such as a diamond-encrusted eternity band or solitaire stud earrings, often reflect an elegant and sophisticated feel and stand the test of time.

As you are shopping for bridal jewelry, always be sure to keep these handy tips in mind. By carefully selecting pieces that not only match your wedding dress and overall look, but that also reflect your unique style, you can be sure to look and feel like a million bucks.

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