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The Tale of Magical Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone is a lustrous gemstone that has been used for centuries in jewelry. It is a stone that has been treasured for its natural beauty and the mystical properties that it can possess. It is believed to provide protection and balance, as well as calmness. The name moonstone comes from the reflection of moonlight on …


Vintage dresses: why and how to acquire them?

Fashion is a vast sector where each artist brings his stone to the building. The greatest designers as well as the simple fashion lovers can propose excellent creations. The eras are generally marked by given clothing styles. The vintage was very popular in the twentieth century. “It is still proudly worn by some people. Vintage …


What is the Ashley piercing?

If some people can’t do without a tattoo, others want to adopt a piercing. Several areas on the body are compatible whether it is the face or the navel, or even the intimate parts for the most daring. You will also have the mouth which will be the center of all the attentions and you …


Ethical fashion: why opt for vegan shoes?

You have chosen veganism and you are looking for ideas to live your lifestyle to the fullest while bringing out the best in you. There are a multitude of fashion items on the market today that are designed to allow consumers to limit their environmental impact. Among them, vegan shoes are a reference. Discover below …



The white shirt is a timeless. It adapts to any occasion, any style and any taste. It is a basic outfit that every man should have in his wardrobe. It is perfect to perfect a cool, mismatched, classic, elegant or classy look. But how to choose the ideal jacket with which to match your white …


How to become a plus size model?

This is THE question I get asked most often… How do I become a plus size model? Well, I prefer to be honest with you, becoming a plus size model is a job that requires more than a beautiful body. To do this job, you must meet certain criteria… Sometimes very far from the real …


Which jewels to offer for a civil union ?

For a wedding, the official jewelry is the wedding rings. Moreover, the wedding rings and the engagement ring are the eternal symbol of this union. For a civil union, many couples wonder if they should give a ring or not. Or should they offer another type of jewelry? If you are organizing a pacs and …


How to become beautiful of the face?

To become beautiful of the face is quite possible, and this, even without make-up. It is necessary to learn how to make a natural care of the skin or to follow some beauty tricks to be beautiful of the face. Here are the tips to be beautiful of the skin. How to know if you …