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party moneyglass jewelry hand crafted in Europe exclusively for

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bubbly bead necklaces

Introducing the Krikor Crystal Collection featuring CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements

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"I am an artist. What I love about designing jewelry is what I love about painting. A good accessory is like the final streak of crimson or fleck of yellow you add to a painting that makes you want to keep looking at the painting.

It is that final stroke which makes a woman look
complete without overpowering the rest of her presence, a well-balanced combination of sparkle and modesty without contradiction.

Where else but women's apparel do you have the opportunity to start with such a
lively canvas as the human body? You have all that fantastic energy already working for you."

-Amy Klessen
Designer, TopFrog

shown here: our exclusive single string bubbly line

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